About server

Dear players! From 05/10/2017 00:10 MSK Server Oldaion 1.9 [Master-server] officially ends its work. Full link to the official news.

If you are looking for a classic version of the Aion game, then we recommend you the TheAion project, [Version 3.0, Races x1, Online 800+]. Start playing on the TheAion server: http://theaion.ru/kak-nachat-igrat


  • Servers in Moscow with quality dedicated premium channel
  • Round-the-clock server operation / 365 days per year
  • Advanced protection from DDoS attacks
  • Anti-cheat/anti-bot system

Administration Policy:

  • Fair start: no character transition from other servers
  • High complexity of the game and real rates x1
  • In-game shop not affecting power balance in the game
  • Premium and VIP accounts available with rates x2
  • Guarantee of long server operation
  • Strict server rules: no swearing, no boosting for real money, no selling/buying accounts and  collectibles (invariably)

Features of Master Server 1.9:

- Gunner, Aethertech, Bard not available
- Up to level 50
- New World Update skill changes apply
- Elysea, Asmodae and Abyss available
- Convent, Crucible, Hall of Fame, Daeva's Sanctuary, Housing areas not available
- All instances up to Dark Poeta available
- Conqueror · Protector System applies (Rift penalties removed)
- Abyss Points determine your rank (Honour Points removed)
- Master Server is a place for traders as the Kinah value is being preserved.
- Kisks can be purchased with Abyss Points (Can not be purchased with Kinah)
- All equipment items can be wrapped (Except some quest items)
- Enchanting failure will destroy the item
- On the Master Server There are only 3 forts in the Lower Abyss that become vulnerable
- Siege compensation for the Lower Abyss has been changed
- Some quest rewards have been adjusted
- Some quests can not be performed (Level cap, inaccessible content related quests)
- Housing System is not available
- Oriel, Pernon is not accessible
- Construction is not available
- Integrated Instance Server is not available
- Rookie Server is not available- Mentoring System is not available
- Returning Daeva's Sanctuary is not available
- Atreia Pass is not available
- Garrison Token Exchangers are not available
- Construction NPCs have been removed
- Legion Buffs are not available
- New Daeva Buff removed
- Energy of Salvation removed
- Energy of Repose has been adjusted
- Speech Bubbles apply

Premium Accounts

  • Basic server rates are x1 for everything. Tough rates for a long and interesting game
  • Premium accounts: rate x2 for drop, Kinahs for quests, speed of powerlevelingm collection and crafts; +10% chance of critical craft
  • VIP accounts: rate x2 for everything (excluding abyss points); +10% chance of critical craft

OldAion is a classic server on assembly of master server version 1.9 and rates x1 (server is based on client version 5.1, but the content is targeted on 1.9). Project was created by the adult Aion fans. Its aim is to collect all fans of good old Aion under its standards. We guarantee nostalgia and real fair play without boosting for real money. The toughest Aion server is waiting for you!